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"Territory of Spirit" by Alexander Muratov

Kyiv City State Administration

Department of Culture of Kyiv City State Administration

Museum of Kyiv History

Sholom-Aleichem Museum

Golda Meir Ukrainian-Israeli Institute for Strategic Researches


April 22 - May 15, 2018

Opening on April 21 at 16:00

Alexander Muratov is a talented, well-known artist. He has repeatedly participated in group and personal exhibitions of painting and graphics.

Alexander Muratov was born on April 21, 1935 in Kharkiv in the family of writer I.L. Muratova. At high school age he was connected with the Ukrainian Patriotic Army, then he fled to Kazakhstan, and from there went to study in Moscow. He has graduated from the director's department of the VGIK (1959). He worked at Gorky TsKDYS, Odessa Film Studio, since 1967 - at the Dovzhenko Kiev Film Studio.

In 1962-1968, he was a director of the Odessa Film Studio. In 1964, together with his first wife, director Kira Muratova, he shot the film "Our honest bread". In 1966, he made the first independent film "Yevdokia Pavlovna". Since 1968 - director at the Dovzhenko Kiev Film Studio. He took up fiction and documentary films, was an author and co-author of several movie scripts.

1982 - the movie "Vertical racing", based on script of the Weiner brothers.

In 1991-1996, Muratov has shot a trilogy, "Death Tango" (by writing "Tale of the Sanatorium area"), "Down with shame" (the novel "Sentimental Story"), "Woodcock" (by the novel of the same name) based on Khvylyovy script. The entire trilogy was awarded to the Shevchenko All-Ukrainian Cultural and Scientific Foundation. "For a Significant Contribution to the National and State Revival of Ukraine".

The first Chechen war caught Muratov in Chechnya, where he collected materials for a film about the Chechen people deportation. He volunteered to offer his services to the Chechnya government and took out propaganda films for them. After a wound he returned to Kiev.

In 2004, the film "Tatar Triptych" (in Crimean Tatar Novella “Kotsyubinsky”) has been released, then in 2005 - autobiographical novel "Open Gate".

On September 10, 2008 Muratov was awarded the Order of Merit in the III.

He lives in Kiev.


As a director

1958 - Spring Rain

1961 - Near a Steep Ravine

1964 - Our Honest Bread

1966 - Avdotya Pavlovna

1967 - Great Troubles Because of a Little Boy

1968 - Little School Orchestra

1969 - That Same Night

1970 - Can You Live?

1973 - An Old Fortress

1974 - Swans-Geese are Flying

1976 - Generous Evening

1978 - Lyubasha

1981 - Morning of the Evening is Wiser

1982 - Vertical Races

1985 - Autumn Wounds

1986 - Gold Chain

1987 - Execute All Truth

1988 - Have Mercy and Sorry

1990 - By the Nickname “Beast”

1991 - Tango Death

1992 - There is Nowhere to Go

1994 - Down With Shame!

1996 - Woodcocks

2001 - Provincial novel

2003 - Arnold Margolin - prominent Ukrainian and Jew (documentary)

2004 - Tatar Triptych

2007 - The Murder in Winter Yalta

As a scriptwriter

1958 - Spring Rain (short)

1961 - Near a Steep Ravine

1967 - Avdotya Pavlovna

1968 - Little School Orchestra (TV film)

1971 - Can you live?

1973 - An Old Fortress

1978 - Lyubasha

1980 - Morning of the Evening is Wiser

1986 - Gold Chain

1988 - Have Mercy and Sorry

1991 - Tango Death

1992 - There is Nowhere to Go

1994 - Down with Shame!

2007 - Murder in a Winter Yalta

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