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On the birthday of the museum

On March 2, 2014, the Sholom-Aleichem Museum (a branch of the Museum of Kiyv History) celebrated its 5th anniversary. Irina Klimova, the museum's director, tells how this date was celebrated.

[ I. Klimova. Month of Adar. Coloured linocut. 20 х 30 cm. National Art Museum of Ukraine ]

"In connection with the tragic events that occurred in our country, the festive events were canceled. But we still decided to celebrate our 1st anniversary, inviting guests to the literary and musical performance "Leafing through Sholom-Aleichem." The choir "Fargenign" prepared it - one of the few collectives keeping the traditions of the Yiddish culture. The name of the choir, which, incidentally, recently turned 25 years old, in translation from Yiddish means "spiritual pleasure," and it was these feelings that we all experienced when listening to fragments of the writer's works in Russian and songs in Yiddish.

Musical pieces on Jewish themes were performed by the duet "Fresh Wind" - guitarist Alina Boyko and violinist Alexander Shevchenko. Their performance was a kind of an announcement of a concert dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko (a concert "Honoring the Kobzar" was held in our museum a week later).

One of the main events on March 2 is the opening of an exhibition of works by the remarkable Kiev painter Matvey Weissberg. His works from the "Judean Desert" series have been shown in various galleries many times, but the picture "Studying Poussin" ("Storming the Temple of Jerusalem") is much less known to the Kievan public. All of them are provided for exhibiting by a private collector.

Over the past five years, thousands of visitors have visited our museum; the lecture program "Pages of Jewish History and Culture" is working, the works of Ukrainian and foreign masters on Jewish themes are demonstrated in the hall for interchangeable expositions.

Last year, with our participation, a four-volume gift edition of Sholom-Aleichem's works “Mir Miru” was published in two languages - Russian and Yiddish.

Let me remind you that the museum was opened in 2009 to the 150th anniversary of Sholom-Aleichem, an outstanding Jewish writer, playwright, publicist and poet, one of the founders of literature in Yiddish, including the children's. His works have been translated into dozens of languages, including Ukrainian.

However, such information about him can be found in any directory. Nevertheless, not so long ago, new documents were found in the archives, according to which in 2014 Sholom-Aleichem would have turned 155, not 156 - to 155 years. I want to believe that in four years we will celebrate the 160th anniversary of the great writer in his museum, in a prosperous and peaceful country”.

The collective of "Antiquary" magazine also congratulates the Sholom-Aleichem Museum on his birthday. We are happy that we are connected by a sincere friendship, that we participate in many events of the museum from the day of its establishing, and that among our authors there is Irina Klimova, a talented artist and a charming woman who knows and loves art, writes about it and advises us in the process of preparing almost every "Jewish issue". And together with Irina we are glad that after her personal exhibition, held at the beginning of the year in the Sholom-Aleichem Museum, 40 of her works added to the collection of graphics of the National Art Museum of Ukraine.

№3 (81), March, "Antiquary"

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