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“Auschwitz. Life is forbidden”

From May 17 to June 14

Terletsky Egor is a young Ukrainian artist, a representative of the artistic-story genre of photography, which begins its creative path from the exposition “Auschwitz. Life is forbidden”.

Yegor was born and raised in Kyiv. He graduated from gymnasium №30 "EkoNad", after the 9th grade entered the Kyiv Technical School of the hotel economy at the faculty "Jurisprudence", later graduated from Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law and received a Bachelor's degree in Law.

The photo as a hobby appeared in the life of Yegor in 2009, when he found on the balcony a father's old Canon - an automatic film camera that had nothing but a shutter-release button, a timer, and a shooting feature with a pixel, but at that moment for an inexperienced beginner that was enough. Over the next few years, this camera was a faithful companion who assured all the historical (as originally anticipated) moments.

The situation that changed the attitude and approach of Yegor to the photo is rather epic. This happened in 2015, when he decided to buy a new camera. The choice came to the used Pentax MZ-50 - a semi-professional film camera, which had many shooting modes. After a week or two fruitful study of the material, already a semi-professional, with confidence, he went to buy a film, but the first film, and the second after the processing came out completely transparent, without a single frame. Later it became clear that the camera was badly damaged and almost faulty, but the knowledge that he wanted to apply soon required a new camera. Moral: “The knowledge is the light.”

Where is the topic, purpose and need? The idea of going and seeing the Auschwitz concentration camp appeared about a year ago when Yegor visited his grandfather Boris Bedarak, a historian-fiction writer and professional journalist with experience, had a long conversation about past times, different historical dates, their significance and above all - the value.

In the middle of the conversation, a thing went about the German concentration camps of the Third Reich, after which his grandfather remembered how he traveled there several years ago and noted that everyone should know about such an unpleasant place by its history and at the same time - very strong in their energy.

It became clear that most of the youth in our time doesn’t give a proper attitude to the history, besides, it’s normal to assume that the story is ten times rewritten and therefore it’s not meaningful to know it. After six months after this conversation Yegor was already on his way to Auschwitz, but the idea of creating an exposition was born only on arrival, when the idea came to share this material with others and maybe at least somewhat enrich the historical vision and understanding of the events of the past.

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Facebook: Егор Терлецкий

Instagram: wazonuch

Mail: intomember@gmail.com

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